Relentless rains leave hundreds stranded in Balochistan

 Intermittent and heavy rains hit parts of Balochistan on Saturday as well, leaving hundreds of people homeless in several districts as authorities rushed to rescue them. In the last 24 hours, Rasvera, Pisin, Chaman, Kira Abdullah, Zialat, Harnai, Duki, Sanjabi, Loralai, Fort Minro, Balkan, Job and Chelani regions reported   rains. 4,444 flash floods in Qila Abdullah killed six people late Friday night, according to the State Disaster Management Agency (PDMA), bringing the state's total  rain-related deaths to 182 as of June 1. became.   After the River Winder flooded, water invaded the homes of Las Vella, leaving several families homeless. They were later rescued by a rescue team and taken to a safer location.   Lasbela Deputy Commissioner Murad Kasi told that the Winder and Otar rivers and canals have been flooded in recent days due to continuous rains.   ``As a precautionary measure, we have moved  residents to safer locations,'' he said, advising people to avoi